A little RENJER girl, who want to save everyone with some good laugh even you have already taste the tears.

The bittersweet life is the good life, if you can learn.

Ramen is a Japanese dish of noodles in broth which originated in China, where all noodles seem to have come from, and are called “Lo-Mein” in Chinese, which means boiled noodles.
"Ra-men" is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese Characters for Lo-Mein.
It is said to have been brought in Japan around 100 years ago. Over the last few decades, however, ramen has become a typical Japanese dish and gained great popularity inside and outside of Japan. Ramen noodles are about as thin as spaghetti and are served in a soup with various toppings. There are many different ramen dishes differing in the soup base and the toppings:

Some of the most popular soups:

* Shoyu Ramen: Brown, transparent, soya sauce based.
* Miso Ramen: Brown, non-transparent, miso based.
* Shio Ramen: Transparent, salt based.
* Tonkotsu Ramen: White, milky, pork based.